Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

A hormone imbalance can cause more than just uncomfortable hot flashes. As we age, changes in hormone levels can result in fatigue, weight changes, loss of libido, poor concentration and much more. If you’re experiencing the debilitating symptoms of a hormone imbalance, there’s no need to suffer in silence. The women’s health professionals at Marsha E. Gorens, MD in Chicago offer bioidentical hormone therapy designed to help you overcome the discomforts caused by hormone deficiencies and begin living a fuller, happier and healthier life.

Take Control

At Marsha E. Gorens, MD, our  bioidentical hormone therapy treatments are designed for maximum safety and results. And from our front desk staff to our medical team, everyone at Marsha E. Gorens, MD is committed to providing attentive, professional service and an exceptional patient experience.

Think bioidentical hormone therapy may be right for you? Call Marsha E. Gorens, MD in Chicago to learn more about your treatment options and to schedule your consultation.